Paging Dr. Bing Crosby

That’s who it looks like to us, anyway.


Disturbing Frankenturtle

Years ago, we found a broken and headless concrete turtle. Much like the scientist who turns his assistant into a giant slug, we are turning Mr. Turtle into a completely new species. 

Claude McWherter, Here’s Your Sign

Claude, did you become a farmer after all? We rescued your FFA sign from the Alameda flea market a few years ago. Hope you and the livestock are well.

From the Elk Grove Citizen, August 2, 1955:

A group of boys from the Elk Grove chapter of the Future Farmers of America and the 4-H Club got together recently to bale straw for the state fair and various fairs next year. Purpose was to cut expenses for boys representing the two groups at the fairs and expositions. Participating were Russell Lewis and Don Kammerer of 4-H and Ken Buscher, Bob Sanders, Joey Gomes, Frank Dunbar, Claude McWherter, Robbie Summers and Don Veninga of FFA.

UPDATE: Mr. McWherter passed away in 2003.